Therapeutic Courses and Groups

Our therapeutic courses and groups provide information and teaching skills to help understand how our problems are maintained and how this can be changed. All of our group sessions have a particular theme, although other problems are discussed in each of the groups.  

The key skills taught within the groups are based mainly on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy. This type of therapy helps people to identify and change unhelpful behaviours and unhelpful ways of thinking that might be making their mood worse. 

Most of the groups also include other strategies such as relaxation practice to address physical symptoms of depression and anxiety, and mindfulness practice to increase awareness of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that have become ‘habit’. Other skills covered include distraction, self-soothing, problem solving and motivational exercises. There are opportunities to share examples, practice skills, and contribute to group discussions. But you won’t be put on the spot or pressured to share anything unless you choose to do so.

Our groups are also a great way to meet people in a similar position to yourself, the thought of being in a room with others can be daunting but the healthy minds provides a safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment which can help you feel yourself again.