What can I do to help myself right now?

Accepting yourself: Everyone is entitled to respect and this includes you.

Staying active: This may seem difficult but regular exercise can really improve your mood.

Time to relax: Put time aside for you. Try to fit things into your day that help you unwind.

Eating healthily: Having a balanced diet is very beneficial to the way you feel. Try to eat your five a day and cut down on sugar or caffeine.

Asking for help: This can sometimes feel difficult and scary but remember - everybody needs help sometimes, whether it's from friends and family, or from your doctor, local support group or a helpline.

Talking to others: A problem shared can be a problem halved. Tr talking about your problems and feelings when they are overwhelming - don't allow yourself to feel isolated.

Self Help Guides

Self Help Guides produced by Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. Titles cover a range of mental health issues. 

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