Postnatal Emotional Wellbeing

What is Postnatal Emotional Wellbeing Course?

Our Post Natal Emotional Wellbeing course consists of 8 weekly sessions. Each session covers a different topic and lasts for 90min including a short comfort break in the middle. This course is aimed at those experiencing anxiety and or depression in the post-natal period with a baby up to the age of 2 (and not necessarily your first child). It will help you to understand more about the unique experience of becoming a parent, the reasons why anxiety and depression are so prevalent in this group and ways of overcoming these difficulties. 

The course will be run remotely so access to a device capable of making video calls (a mobile phone, laptop, tablet, desktop computer with camera) and an internet connection will be required. Resources will be available online and you will be asked to complete a weekly set of questionnaires to help you monitor progress, so access to the internet and a work email address will also be required. 

Course Overview

Session 1: Introduction to CBT and how it can help
Session 2: Making sense of the unique experience of becoming a parent
Session 3: How the body responds to threat
Session 4: Self-care and understanding our behaviours 
Session 5: Making sense of anxiety and worry as a new parent 
Session 6: Our relationship with our thoughts 
Session 7: Experimenting with our thoughts 
Session 8: Putting it all together (including relapse prevention planning)